Thursday, February 03, 2005

Do untamed artist dream of electric cameras?

Having been to the stores & crawled the net, I think that photo-blogging tends to catch my interest most. I admire the Canons & what you can do with them, but I find that a high end Panasonic is all I'll be willing to part with in the near future. I can't stand the ultralights that look & feel like an Asian cell phone. I looked at the salesmen who extorted the advantages of their portability with a sense of disinterest.

Besides, if I'm trying to get that "just so" shot, I don't think that riding around with a tripod or having whole pound hanging around my neck is going to be that offensive to either myself or my friends.

As for the sites, I liked,,, & blogger's own integrated solution!

But really, let's face it. I'm spending too much time rehearsing the finer points of DHTML, JavaScript, & Perl, SQL, .net, etc... Well I'm not going to waste anymore keystrokes & time on links here than I have to!

Besides, the real goal is a truly customized website experience, within the domains that I already have rights to & not like the really great pages that other blogger users have written. I do admire some of the code you can find, but ultimately they all link to a real site so I perceive them as a minor abuse of free web presence that blogger offers here.

Anyway, the article is about artist & cameras.

Of which, an old HPphotosmart 612 & PrintShop Ver.12 do not an artist make!