Thursday, March 10, 2005

Color Test

"Hey, I know that guy !" - seahawk

Actually, this is a color test to see just how fresh the saturation is after running through Picasa2 & Hello BloggerBot. The result has a bit more overall color intensity & has a slight wash. There seems to be an increase in the yellow component, the eye of the onion was a faint lime green in actuality. That's when comparing with the original, side by side. If you increase that component, the reds get richer, and your greens will be more pronounced. It's possible that the host is doing it on purpose, in order to achieve a greater satisfaction from photobloggers. It's more likely it's my camera. Maybe someone with a bit more technical savvy than I might explain a bit in the comments.
Actually, after considering that the image has traveled half way around the world, and posted to a server as a raw file, it looks great.


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