Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Introduction to Seahawk

This post will serve as a set of guidelines for the use of this blog.

One - Language should be in English, with correct spelling and punctuation as available.
Two - Bad or otherwise slanderous language will be tolerated with some degree of temperance by the editor at large "Seahawk". This is to facilitate the intent of the blog page as indicated in the description.
Three - Abbreviations should be avoided when possible.
Four - Actual names of people should be avoided when possible.
Five - Comments do not have to be interrelated and may vary, however total ignorance, simple stupidity, or otherwise non-intellectual posts may be deleted for quality of content considerations.

So go ahead and have some fun. Remember that not all people share the same viwepoints or intrests. Don't be too self-conscious about what you leave here, so long as it's good enough to make someone else think. Thanks Seahawk